Cert No:DAS67454621/13/Q Rev:001/80569-1
Cert No:DAS52386272/13/Q Rev:001/80569-2
1) Lamp Assembly
Lamp assembly consisting of head lamp, tail lamp and signal lamp assembly. Here we have a programmable robotic arm to perform the gluing job efficiently. Upon the completion of gluing and pressing process, the parts are tested on air leaking test to ensure that the part is water proof. As usual practise, all parts are 100% tested prior to packing and shipment.


Lamp assembly line

Auto gluing machine
Robotic arm capable of 4 axis


Illumination tester
clean room1


Clean Room

2) Wire Harness Assembly
We have automatic cut and crimp machine in HHES which capable to meet the production capacity with constant quality given. In order to enhance a more efficient and productive flow in manufacturing of wire harness, the company has established a conveyor system to incorporate section from assembly until inspection in one straight and uninterrupted line. All wire harness manufactured will go through a 100% electrical testing to ensure no open circuit in the wire harness and also 100% of visual inspection for cosmetic defects before the wire is packed for shipment.


Wire harness assembly line
autocut machine

Fully automatic cut, strip, crimp and seal machine

Automatic conveyor system

Fully automatic cut, strip, crimp and seal process