Cert No:DAS67454621/13/Q Rev:001/80569-1
Cert No:DAS52386272/13/Q Rev:001/80569-2
1) Speedometer Assembly
The core of the speedometer lies in the demagnetizing process of the speed movement. Magnetic field is reduced in accordance with the speed specification and once the magnetic field is stabilized, the meter will continue to perform with accuracy.

All parts manufactured here are 100% tested in terms of functioning and cosmetically. These including 100% speed calibration, 100% fuel gauge calibration and 100% indicator calibration.

Assembly line

Auto screwing machine of SP movement with meter dial plate

Demagnetizing machine

Speed calibration

Fuel gauge calibration

Indicator calibration

2) Fuel Level Sender Assembly
Basically the fuel level sender comprises of a float arm, float, frame, swing frame and a ceramic resistor. As the float arm with the float moves in accordance with the petrol level in the tank, the swing arm slides on the ceramic resistor thus will change the resistance signal to the fuel gauge. The higher the resistance, the pointer moves to E and vise-vesa to F.

Fuel level sender assembly line

3) Movement Assembly
The construction of a fuel gauge is basically consist of a soft iron core which later energize to become a permanent magnet and coils of copper wire wound around the magnet. Voltage is applied to the coil thus creating a magnetic field around the permanent magnet and moves the pointer. The higher the voltage the greater the pointer will move.

FG movement assembly line